Guide to Santorini

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Visiting Santorini

The capital of Thera is on the island’s western coast. With many visitors, we recommend starting your visits early or in the late afternoon to avoid crowds. On the main road, the archaeological museum will teach you about Greek and Roman influences but its focus is on the Akrotiri dig. You can visit the caldera’s islet. Take a boat from the old harbour, it costs about 15 euros. Upon your return, you can soak in the sight of the impressive cliffs that Thera is built on.

Don’t forget to visit either Ia or Oia or both on the island’s northern tip. These towns are calmer than Fira and from them you can watch spectacular sunsets. Akrotiri is a great place to add a touch of history to your visit of Santorini: nicknamed “the prehistoric Pompeii”, it boasts a great museum and archaeological site.
For those who love hiking and authentic little villages, pursue these passions by starting a walk at Pyrgos to the Profitis Illias monastery in the centre of the island. Then take the path towards the mountain of Mesa Vouno. You’ll then have the choice to head south to Perissa or north to Kamari.
Santorini’s white wine is very well known for its high quality. Visit the Boutari Cellars near Akrotiri to sample a glass of the island’s fresh Nichetri. Messa Gonia, in the inner island is surrounded by vineyards. Tour the cellar “Canava Roussos” at the entrance of the village and the Panaghia Episkopi church, one of the island’s oldest.

Santorini’s Beaches

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Santorini’s landscapes seem to be made for relaxation. Up to you to choose which beach is right for you during your stay:

Kamari Beach: a black sand beach on Santorini’s eastern coast linked to Thera by a bus route.
Perissa Beach: longue de plusieurs kilomètres, la plage de sable noir est coupée par le Mesa Vouno, un rocher géant s’avançant dans l’eau. Vous y trouverez tout le confort désiré.
Monolithos Beach: plus calme, cette plage est située au nord de Kamari et de Perissa.
Perivolos Beach: au sud de Périssa, vous pourrez y pratiquer des sports nautiques ou déguster un bon repas dans l’une de ses tavernes attenantes.
Vlihada Beach: a little more isolated and still absolutely heavenly.
Red Beach and White Beach near Akrotiri: named after the colours of their surrounding cliffs, these two volcanic sand beaches draw many visitors thanks to their incredible settings. You’ll have to walk a bit from the parking lot to get to the beach.

Santorini: Must Sees

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A visit to the island of Santorini is great, but not if you’ve missed out on these spectacular places!
The Relics of Akrotiri: this city swallowed by the Caldera volcano’s lava offers remarkable excavations that take you 3500 years back in history.
Thera: its blue domes whitewashed houses make it a dream for tourists. Clinging to the flanks of a cliff, visit the city’s cultural centre of Mégaro Gizi, where you’ll see pictures of the island before the earthquake of 1956 that destroyed many buildings.
The Caldeira Volcano: accessible by boat from Fira’s port of Athinios, you can also swim in the thermal waters of Palea Kaimeni on the adjacent islet.
The old Thera above Perissa: the ancient city was located at the crest of Mesa Vouno. Discover its ruins and archaeological site that witnessed Greek and Roman eras. You’ll get to the site by following the trail that starts at Perissa. The hike should take you about an hour.
A Day Trip to the Island of Thirassia: from the Koimenios monastery near Manolas, you’ll have a fantastic view over Santorini and its Caldera.