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Travel Santorini & the Cyclades

Small island paradises in the heart of the Aegean Sea

Dreamy beaches, breathtaking scenery and a gentle Cycladic ambience

When we imagine a trip to Greece, we often think of beautiful white houses, blue shutters, beaches and sunsets. That’s all that awaits you on your trip to Santorini and the Cyclades.

Trip to the Cyclades

The Cyclades are the best-known of the Greek islands. This group of islands, located in the center of the Aegean Sea, has everything you could wish for. Are you looking for relaxation and beaches? Culture and history? Or a family trip to Greece? The Cyclades have everything you could wish for. Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos and Paros are exceptional destinations for a trip to the Cyclades. But there are also more secret islands that will seduce you in your search for calm and authenticity. Each island in the Cyclades deserves your attention and will reveal its secrets to you.

The paradise of the Cyclades

Between the crystal-clear beaches, the heady scent of pine trees, the archipelago’s charming little villages, the famous whitewashed houses, the fine sandy beaches, the impressive cliffs… If you’re dreaming of a heavenly setting for your next trip, the Cyclades islands are the destination for you!

Cycladic culture and history

The archipelago’s paradisiacal setting doesn’t mean that lovers of culture and history won’t find what they’re looking for!
Each island in the Cyclades has its own history and has enriched Greek culture over the centuries.
Numerous ancient archaeological sites, museums, churches and monasteries lurk on the islands to teach you more about Greek history, mythology and culture.
Cycladic culture can also be discovered through the crafts that have developed on the various islands. These include potters and their ceramics in local shapes and colors, hand-woven carpets and wickerwork.
One thing’s for sure: a trip to the Cyclades is a wonderful cultural experience.

Outdoor activities for young and old

If you’re more of a sportsman, or if you simply want to combine idleness with activities, the Cycladic islands will be a real playground for you! The archipelago offers a wide range of activities: mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, diving, snorkeling…

Trip to Santorini

Santorini is the mythical island of the Cyclades. The collapse of the volcano created an absolutely fabulous natural site, unique in the world. During your trip to Santorini, take a hike along the cliffs that border the island. Discover breathtaking panoramas and stroll through its white villages, perched atop the cliffs and crowned with their famous blue domes. Enjoy the beautiful black sand beaches surrounded by red cliffs! Santorini has so much to offer.

Can you see yourself exploring the Cyclades and Santorini? You’re bound to find a Cyclades stay or self-guided tour to suit you! Our Cyclades trips are an ideal option for a change of scenery.

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