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Travel Athens & Peloponese

A unique region for an equally unique journey

Between myth and dazzling nature

Get away from it all on a trip to the Athens region and the Peloponnese. From scenic beauty to mythology’s greatest stories, Athens and the Peloponnese have everything you could wish for.

Travel to the Peloponnese

A trip to the Peloponnese is a journey through nature and myth! This peninsula is characterized by its rugged terrain and sumptuous landscapes. Wild mountains, olive groves, sun-drenched beaches and coves. You’ll be lucky enough to find most of the region’s ancient sites, including Mycenae, Epidaurus and Monemvasia. Unique monuments, picturesque villages and stunning nature. The Peloponnese is a region that can be visited all year round. Don’t forget to visit Magne, one of the most beautiful regions of the Peloponnese. A visit to Athens is a must on your trip to Greece and the Peloponnese.

Travel to Athens

Athens is a magical city, refreshed in 2004, with a Mediterranean climate and world-renowned museums such as the Acropolis and the National Archaeological Museum. Don’t miss the Acropolis, more than 2500 years after its construction, where sumptuous monuments take pride of place. A true symbol of ancient glory.

A trip to Athens is also a great way to discover the city’s festive side after dark. Pass through the trendy districts of Plaka and Gazi, or the lively Kolonaki district.

Can you see yourself exploring the Peloponnese region and Athens? You’re bound to find a trip to suit you!

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