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An ideal trip to the Greek islands

Want to discover the Ionian Islands...

Discover the small, unspoilt paradise islands of Greece on your trip to Corfu and the Ionian Islands.

Travel to the Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands are made up of seven main islands on the west coast of Greece, along the Epirus and Peloponnese coasts. They have the particularity of being well-watered by winter rains and therefore very fertile, resulting in dense vegetation. You’ll have a wide choice of landscapes and activities to discover.

The best-known of the Ionian islands is Corfu. In the last century, it was a very popular destination. Today, these islands have the advantage of still being unspoilt.

Travel to Corfu

In the 19th century, the entire European aristocracy travelled to Corfu for its mild climate, rich heritage, lush natural surroundings and top-quality hotel services. All this is still true today, and contributes to the appeal of this cosmopolitan island. Corfu, the most beautiful of the Ionian islands, is a real little paradise.

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