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Travel Delphi & Greek Mainland

A unique journey in Greek Mainland

All the secrets of Greek Mainland

Looking for a trip that combines history, picturesque villages and beaches? Greece opens its doors to you, for many discoveries! Explore Delphi and mainland Greece, for an unforgettable trip to Greece.

Travel to Greek Mainland

A trip to Greek mainland plunges you into the heart of 4,000 years of history. From archaeological sites to mythical cities, every stop has a name that evokes our imagination: Olympus, Delphi, Meteora… Aside from a few large cities, your itinerary never ceases to cross paths with the traces of history, and everywhere small villages remind you of an ancestral world, still well away from tourism. Not forgetting the beach, never far away… During your trip to Greek mainland, don’t forget to visit Delphi.

Journey to Delphi

For almost a thousand years, Delphi was the center of the world. People came from far and wide to consult the oracle and make offerings. You’ll need nearly a day to explore the mountainside site, visit the museum and enjoy the view from the terraced cafés. Right next door, you’ll find Galaxidi, a small seaside resort on the northern shore of the Gulf of Corinth. For hiking enthusiasts, you can explore the famous Mount Parnassus, a sacred site dedicated to the gods.

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