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Occupation: Travel advisor
Seniority: 11 years

What gets me going: I absolutely love the Cyclades islands and their unique atmosphere. Their landscapes are natural and arid and the atmosphere is not at all the same in the day as it is in the evening.

My top places: Sifnos! And for more rugged landscapes I'd say Serifos – its slightly smaller neighbour.

Why did I choose the travel world? After studying tourism, I just knew it was for me (it’s fantastic). I like to get to know different places, I think it's the greatest gift life affords us, and it was obvious that Greece was going to be my destination.

kostas Travel expert


Occupation: Travel advisor
Seniority: 4 years

What gets me going: The Cyclades ! As my mother is originally from Syros, I was lucky enough to spend most of my summers there. We took the opportunity to discover most of the islands of the archipelago, each with its own charm and assets. As my father is originally from the Peloponnese and the Kalamata region, I've also been lucky enough to visit the area since I was a child.

My top places: It's hard to choose just one place in Greece ! First, Amorgos for its simplicity and authenticity. This island takes me back in time and reminds me of my childhood. Then there's Crete for its history, its varied and paradisiacal landscapes, especially in the south, its gastronomy and also for the "craziness" of the Cretans, who are adorable and very warm. And finally, the Peloponnese for its history, its beaches, its gastronomy, its superb thyme honey and the best olive oil in the world.

Why did I choose the travel world? I've loved traveling ever since I was a kid, thanks to my mother's work, which got me used to traveling as a child, and thanks to my parents, who loved discovering different places and cultures. Travelling and discovering the world seemed normal to me as a child. Working in the travel industry seems to me to be a continuation of both my professional and personal career. I consider travel to be an experience in its own right, and each of my journeys is a real thrill. So it's only natural that I like to pass on this passion and my knowledge to travellers who want to discover Greece !



Occupation: Travel advisor
Seniority: 3 years

What gets me going: The region of Epirus in north-western Greece, a verdant region that combines culture with breathtaking scenery. My favorite: the springs of the river Acheron!

My top places: The island of Milos, with its lunar landscapes and magnificent beaches, not forgetting Klima, a fishing village with its feet in the water and colorful balconies and shutters.

Why did I choose the travel world? For the pleasure of traveling and helping travelers discover the most beautiful and unusual places in Greece.

elise - Travel advisor


Occupation: Travel advisor
Seniority: 4 years

What gets me going: The freddo cappuccino (a must-try on a trip to Greece !), Greek gastronomy, its exceptional climate and, of course, the way Greeks enjoy life !

My top places: Cape Sounio : a temple, the sea, the sunset: a picture-perfect postcard of Greece !

Why did I choose the travel world? I've enjoyed helping all my family and friends discover Greece, so it's a great opportunity to continue helping other people travel :)

Nicolas - Travel advisor


Occupation: Travel advisor
Seniority: 1 year

What gets me going: The Greek islands... to name but a few: Syros is a real jewel in the Cyclades, with its gentle way of life, its beaches and its good restaurants; Serifos is the island of good food and water sports; Kalymnos, the island of sea sponges, in the Dodecanese, is particularly authentic and welcoming...

My top places: Nafplio... simply because it's so beautiful! In my opinion, it's a perfect summary of the different pleasures of Greece. The charm of the old town, the old fort at the entrance to the port, the beautiful seafront promenade, the citadel overlooking the town, the beach with a view of the fortress, the nearby archaeological sites (Epidaurus 30 km, Mycenae 55 km).

Why did I choose the travel world? I love to help others discover this beautiful country of mine, and especially the unusual and typical places. Franco-Greek, I was born in France but I've been living in Greece for several years and my various experiences in tourism have enabled me to acquire a good knowledge of the country, which I know like the back of my hand.

Karolos - Travel advisor


Occupation: Travel advisor
Seniority: 1 year

What gets me going: I love Greek gastronomy, which is very varied and above all delicious. But also for the different landscapes that can be found in the different regions of Greece.

My top places: Corfu, Corfu and more Corfu. Being originally from Corfu and having spent many summers on the island, I have nothing but good things to say. Its incredible beaches, nature, history, customs and traditions, monuments and climate make it unique.

Why did I choose the travel world? I chose the world of travel because I love to travel and explore, to discover as many places as possible. After my studies in tourism, it was the perfect timing to choose the world of travel and help travelers discover Greece.

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