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Guide to Paros

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Visiting Paros

The island of Paros is not very big and can be easily visited by car or scooter, rented at a reasonable price.




The capital, Parikia, is definitely worth visiting, not only for the authentic atmosphere of its sinuous alleyways along whitewashed houses, but also for the delightful morning fish market of its harbour. Don’t miss the Kastro and its ancient Venetian fortress in the centre of the old town. The island’s capital houses two very imported pieces of Greek history: the Ekatontopolani church (also called Katapoliani) a bit north of Parikia and the archaeological museum with a part of the Table of Paros on display, upon which the history of ancient Greece is carved.



Visit the little island of Lefkes in the countryside to spend an utterly relaxing day of serenity. From Lefkes, take the path to Prodomos, nicknamed “the Byzantine road”. Even more interesting is the hike between Lefkes and Akili in the southern part of the island, as it goes through several lesser known villages. Plan to spend five hours walking at an easy pace. Paros’ little villages are numerous and its inner lands are wild so you’ll have many choices for a day away from the beach. Our favourite villages to get to the heart of the island are Marpissa, Kostos, and Prodomos.



Paros was once widely known for the quality of its marble which was the source of its riches. Stop by its quarries in Marathri on the centre of the island. Don’t forget to stop on the way to sample the island’s famous wine: the Mandilaria.

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Paros’ Beaches

Even as Paros’ beaches are numerous, they are also quite different from one another. That being said, most boast powdery sand and clear turquoise waters.

– The little  beaches around Kolymbithrès : accessible by boat from Nouassa’s harbour, a number of small beaches are hidden in the surrounding creeks. Go exploring!
– In  Parikia’s Bay  you’ll find beach after beach including those of Livadia and Agios Forkas.



Antiparos Beach, a calm and isolated site, you’ll be able to go for a swim in turquoise waters without having to straddle another visitor’s towel on the beach.
Golden Beach, a great place for adrenaline junkies to practice windsurfing. The beach hosts the world championships every year as a matter of fact.
Aliki, on the island’s southern tip are many beaches that can be reached on foot.
– Molos Beach,  located on the western coast is a little paradise yet undiscovered by mass tourism.


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Paros: Must Sees

A stay in Paros is incomplete without having seen these places. Don’t forget to include them in the itinerary of your tailor made trip!

Parikia : the island’s capital offers a network of charming streets that are fun to get lost in. Don’t miss the Ekatontopolani and the archaeological museum as well.
– Take a ferry to the  island of Antiparos : still little known, the small island doesn’t play host to many visitors. From here you can prolong your trip to the desert island of Despotiko, only a ten minute ferry ride away.
Naoussa : this little fishing village on the islands northern shore greets many visitors in the summer months but remains charming and authentic. Head to one of its ouzeries to enjoy an afternoon of relaxing ouzo sampling.


©Dmitry Rukhlenko

– Discover the marble quarries : Paros was once world famous for. In Marathri, in the middle of the island, the ruins of the marble guild open their doors to its underground galleries. Not far from here is the monastery of Agios Minas a symbol of the island’s architecture on a hill.
– The Valley of Butterflies or Petaloudes : observe the hundreds of butterflies that come to this beautiful valley for shelter.
Lefkes Village : in the island’s centre, this small peaceful village is the perfect place for a day of immersion in everyday Cycladic life.

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