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Guide to Mykonos

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Visiting Mykonos

The island is not very big and can easily be visited by car or scooter, available for rent on location at reasonable prices. Its capital, Hora, is a great place to stroll around, especially right after lunch time when it settles down a bit. It was built on the edge of the sea next to the port, unlike the cities of the other Cyclades that are often located on mountains to avoid attacks. Meander aimlessly for a while to get to the essence of the city.

The island’s most popular hike starts in the east near its archaeological museum. Follow the Akti Campani road to the city hall. Keep north to reach “little Venice” and the Kato Mili, windmills that stand where the ancient city used to.



In front of Hora is the little island of Delos where you can see the archaeological dig of its ancient city. Setting sail from Lykonos harbour it will take you a half hour to get there. Even though Mykonos is very crowded during high season, you can always escape to Ano Mera, in the centre of the island. This little village guarantees pleasant walks along charming houses and taverns. Nearby is the Tourliani monastery, a very interesting place. For calmer beaches head to the northern part of the island! Panormos and Ftelia are located in bays by the same name. More isolated than the southern beach relax on its sand and be rocked by its waves.

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Mykonos’ Beaches

Mykonos is a great island spends days relaxing on sandy beaches. Even though the southern part of the island is full of crowded tourist beaches, there are still a few calmer ones. Focus on these during your stay:

Panormos : in Northern Mykonos, this pleasant beach is more isolated and in a magnificent setting with its calm and clear waters. You’ll need a car to get there.



Agios Stefanos : the closest beach to the city of Mykonos on the island’s western shore. Often crowded, it has everything you need when it comes to aquatic sports.
Agios Sostis : next to Panormos, this is another good beach to spend a serene moment on a stretch of golden sand. Stop and feast in the nearby tavern known for its delicious meals.



Kalafati and Agio Ana : located in the south of the island, these two beaches remain relatively calm despite the development of its neighbours. They are comfortable thanks to their beach umbrellas and beach chairs. Aquatic sports lovers will love it here.
Paradise and Super Paradise : these two beaches host many visitors and as such are well equipped in a heavenly setting allowing for a very pleasant day.

Mykonos: Must Sees

You’re organizing a trip to Mykonos? Here are the places you absolutely have to visit:

The capital, Hora : this city of typical Greek architecture with its white houses and blue domes boasts a few sites of interest, most notably its Kastro that hides the beautiful Panagia Paraportiani church, its Little Venice area and its picturesque windmills.
Ano Mera : a little village in the centre of the island where you can meander through its calm streets. Nearby is the Tourliani monastery, built in the eighteenth century.



The Fanari Lighthouse : from the top you’ll have an incredible view out over the neighbouring islands.
The Island of Delos : only a few km from Mykonos. Its archaeological site is worth visiting and invites you to take a walk through its network of digs. The trip from Mykonos costs about 15 euros.



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