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Travel Assistance Greece

Greece Like A Local is no ordinary travel agency, we work alongside our customers to create their dream trip. One of our agency’s key words is " attentiveness " as we love to focus energy on opening up communication with our customers , who are so much more to us than just numbers on a page. At Greece Like A Local we do more than just organise trips, instead, we accompany you throughout your experience in Greece. For us, a satisfied customer means a successful trip. Be it before you set off on your trip, or while you’re away, our dedication never waivers.

Greece is a magical country, bursting with colour! Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for ferries to be cancelled without prior warning. Unexpected events always make the best anecdotes, but we don’t tend appreciate the hilarity of the situation in the moment. That's why we offer our customers 7/7 support . Worry not, Greece Like A Local is prepared for all situations and will do everything possible to find a suitable alternative, as soon as possible.

What does Greece Like a Local's support include?

- Before you set off

Before you set off on your trip to Greece, you will be put in touch with an advisor who will deal specifically with your trip. He or she will become your point of contact with our agency and will plan the various components of your trip based on your interests, wishes and comments. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions. Whether your query concerns payment, tips, or advice on what to pack... Don’t forget that your advisor is above all a travel specialist! He or she will be quite capable of answering your questions and will be more than happy to help.
Once you set off, and because our support doesn’t stop there, we will send you an emergency number via email so that you can contact us during your trip.

- During your trip

So you’ve just landed in Greece? Our agency remains at your disposal at all times. We told you, we accompany our customers on every step of their journey. One of our advisors will be available for advice outside office hours using the telephone number sent to you via email. If you have any emergency or technical problem, don't hesitate to call us. Remember, if we don't contact you during your trip, it doesn't mean we're not interested, we just like to allow our customers to fully enjoy their trips in peace. However, if needs be, you can get in touch with us at any time via our 24/7 customer support line.
You’re also free to contact your advisor directly if you so wish. The latter will remain at your disposal during office hours, by phone, email or Skype, to answer any questions you may have and to offer advice, including once you've set foot in Greece. Is there anything better than the knowledge of a local who speaks French and already knows you?

Greece Like A Local will organise everything to ensure that you have a peaceful trip. And because we always want our relationship with our customers to continue, we love to hear from them once they’re back home. So, think about sending us some feedback, be it positive or negative. We’re always on the lookout for advice so that we can improve our services.

Our Guarantees

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