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Would you like to explore Greece on an unforgettable trip? We offer several ways to discover this magnificent country. Do you feel like an adventurer and want to discover Greece on your own, behind the wheel of a rental car? Then opt for a self-drive tour! Or would you rather get away from it all and explore the different regions of Greece without having to travel long distances? If so, we’d be delighted to offer you our holidays in Greece!

Let yourself be inspired by our selection of trips to Greece, and work with your travel consultant to create the trip that’s right for you!

A trip to Greece is guaranteed to immerse you in a journey filled with cultural and historical riches, but also rich in dazzle! For history buffs, a visit to Athens is a must, with its ancient Acropolis and numerous museums. Delphi is also an important historical site, home to the temple of the Oracle of Delphi. The beautiful beaches of the Cyclades or the hidden treasures of the Sporades are ideal places to relax. Greece has so much to offer its travelers, you’ll never run out of places to explore and discover.

Inspired by a trip to Greece?

Who hasn’t dreamed of discovering all the famous sites that Greece is famous for? Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a history buff or simply love to relax, you’re sure to find the trip to Greece that’s right for you. Greece offers such a diversity of landscapes, cultures and activities that there’s something for everyone. Discover Greece and enjoy a real change of scenery.

Self-drive tours in Greece

self-guided tour of Greece lets you see the country for yourself, in your own rental car and at your own pace. On a self-drive tour, you’re free to stop wherever and whenever you like. Whether you want to stop off at a small restaurant to sample the local cuisine, or spend the afternoon on a heavenly beach, it’s all possible. Self-drive tours are ideal for travelers who want to enjoy the Greek countryside at their own pace. We take care of all the organization: hotel reservations, transfers and car rental, and all you have to do is drive and stop wherever you like. If you like slow travel, customize your autotour with your consultant to organize a unique, personalized trip that leaves you time to enjoy at your own pace.

Stays in Greece

Would you like to travel at your own pace, taking your time without having to cover hundreds of kilometers a day? Our advisors are on hand to prepare a tailor-made stay to suit your every desire. Whether you choose a week on the island of Corfu, 2 weeks in the Cyclades to discover several islands or 10 days between mainland Greece and the Cyclades, everything is possible.

Are you ready for an adventure full of surprises in Greece? Discover all our trip types and create the perfect trip with your consultant!

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