This itinerary goes through the following steps:

Day 1 : Mykonos
Day 2 : Mykonos – Delos – Syros
Day 3 : Syros – Paros
Day 4 : Paros – Naxos
Day 5 : Naxos – the small Cyclades
Day 6 : The small Cyclades – Ios
Day 7 : Ios – Santorini
Day 8 : Santorini

A cruise in the Cyclades on a sailing yacht

Our cruises on 12- to 16-metre yachts are ideal for people that want to be at sea, help with manoeuvring and navigating, as well as contribute to life on board. From the lively island of Mykonos and the beautiful sandy beaches of Naxos to the volcanic cliffs of Santorini, twenty islands or so are waiting to be explored. With distances shorter than 20 miles between each island, you will be able to leave one island for another barely visible on the horizon. No prior experience on a yacht is necessary. With their in-depth knowledge, our skippers will guide you around the Cyclades.

Visited destinations in Greece:  Cyclades | Mykonos | Santorini | Paros | Naxos

N.B : Contact our greek specialists so they can customize this itinerary and adapt it to your needs and wishes. 


You will feel safe and at home on our sailing yachts . In compliance with Greek law, these yachts are inspected every year to ensure the safety and comfort of the entire crew. All the yachts are insured.

Our yachts: “Jonathan" and “Chloë d’Egée” are GIB SEA 126 yachts and were renovated in 2007. 4 double cabins + 1 skipper cabin. Yacht length: 13.20 m. Width: 4.05 m.
All passengers have double cabins. Double or bunk bed couchette.

Estimated price per person: 600 to 800 euros

You may reserve the entire yacht on a week-by-week basis. Ask us for a quote.

What's included

- Accommodation on the yacht

What's not included

- Your international flight to Greece
- Transfers
- Meals and the captain’s dinner
- Harbour , water and fuel charges, as well as the cost of cleaning the yacht. Charges are integrated into a kitty amounting to approximately €220 per person.

One-week cruise from Mykonos

Tuesday: from Mykonos

Set sail from Mykonos at approximately 5pm. Reception on board the sailing yachts. Pick up supplies and visit “Greek St. Tropez”, renowned for its windmills, pelican and nightlife.

Wednesday: Mykonos – Delos – Syros

20 miles. 4 hours of sailing.
After sailing for one hour, drop anchor at Rineia, next to Delos. The largest archaeological site in the Cyclades devoted to Apollo. Arrive at Syros, the gem of the Cyclades, at the end of the afternoon.

Thursday: Syros – Paros

20 miles. 4 hours of sailing
In the morning, visit Ermoupoli, the capital of the Cyclades, famous for its neoclassical monuments. Drop anchor in a bay located north of Naousa during the afternoon. Swim. Meal on board or barbecue on the beach.

Friday: Paros – Naxos

20 miles. 4 hours of sailing
In the morning, visit Naousa, a charming village boasting the colours of the Cyclades, get supplies. Set sail for southern Naxos, the largest and most fertile of the islands in the Cyclades.

Saturday: Naxos – the small Cyclades

20 miles. 4 hours of sailing.
Drop anchor at Koufonissi, a wild island little-known by tourists, with its beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear water.

Sunday: The small Cyclades – Ios

20 miles. 4 hours of sailing.
In a deep inlet you will explore Ios, the magnificent village in the Cyclades built on a hill.

Monday: Ios – Santorini

20 miles. 4 hours of sailing.
Enjoy an outstanding view of the collapsed volcanic crater when arriving in Santorini caldera. Explore the island and its many unusual sights: the Akrotiri archaeological site, the troglodyte villages of Thera and Oia, the centre of the volcano, mud baths.

Tuesday: Santorini

Tidy up and clean the yacht, disembark at around 10am, day out in Santorini for those who are continuing the cruise.

Typical day on board

Wake up between 8am and 9pm, have breakfast on board, get supplies, tidy up, get ready to sail. Leave at around 9am, sail for between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the distance and the wind. If possible stop for lunch to eat and swim. Set sail to “learn the ropes” for a regatta between friends. The attentive skipper is there to help you along. Around 5pm, at the end of the journey, moor the yacht in a harbour or drop anchor in an untouched inlet so that everyone can relax and enjoy the crystal-clear Aegean waters or explore the local area. Enjoy Ouzo, a traditional drink, and talk to one another about the day. In the evening, eat at a tavern to discover and taste Greek food but also the crew’s food on board in a friendly atmosphere. Talk about tomorrow’s plans before slipping into a slumber.

Highlights of the travel in Crete:

- Cruises are available from May to November.
- Discovering northern Greece: a confidential region with a lot of wonders
- Visiting traditional villages, Zagorias
- Admiring the beautiful the gorge of Vikos
- Hiking at the heart of nature
- Departures every Saturday from 3 July to 14 August
A 7/7 assistance during your trip

What are the best times of year to set sail?

April – June: Spring around the islands is very sunny with lots of flowers, the smell of the Mediterranean. Moderate winds and a thermal breeze make for easy sailing conditions. The sea is still fresh in April but it soon warms up come May.

June – August: Hot and dry summer, days spent “sports” sailing due to strong etesian winds in the north. Enjoy beautiful summer evenings off the coast or in buzzing atmosphere of a harbour in the Cyclades.

September – October: “A beautiful autumn to shy off winter". More moderate winds. Shorter days but some incredible sunsets... After a hot summer the water is a perfect temperature. Easier sailing and milder temperature for people who want to avoid the summer heat.

Have an amazing experience in Greece!