Discover the many regions of Greece, from the mainland to the islands, from austere and dry landscapes to lush expanses of land… Greece is certainly a tourist destination, but its authenticity and traditions have remained intact.
It is easy to witness for yourself when heading a little off the beaten track.

The Peloponnese peninsula, connected by the Corinth Canal, boasts mountainous and green landscapes with pine forests and wild beaches. Legendary regions, you’ll find some of Greece’s most important ancient sites here.
The less well-known centre and north of the continent are not to be dismissed and deserve a visit! Head to Thessaly and the famous site of Meteora, with its monasteries suspended in the sky, or the Greek Macedonia, with its landscape that’s perfect for hiking and less well-known but wonderful ancient sites. As for Greece’s famous archipelagos, their reputation is well-established… The Cyclades, Sporades and Ionian Islands – no island is alike. You can choose between wild, cosmopolitan, green, arid or volcanic islands, all with their own individual personalities.