What is the best mode of transportation for us?

To go to the most visited islands in Greece, you often have the choice between 3 different modes of transport: plane, ferry or super fast ferries. In summer, it often feels like you have plenty of choices but in reality things are a bit more complicated than they seem. Schedules are wildly unreliable, ferries crossings or flights may be cancelled without notice and booking can be very tricky! Low-season bookings can also be difficult since many routes don’t run outside of the summer months. Experience and know how are invaluable when it comes to getting around the Greek islands, especially if you are on a tight schedule. Feel free to ask us for help; we’ll be delighted to give you the best advice and find the transportation that suits you best. Olympic Airways operates from Athens to the main islands (Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Corfu, Crete…) with considerably more flights in the summer. There are also a number of private companies that operate from island to island (Mykonos-Santorini, Crete-Paros…) but booking can only be made on location. Flights are generally twice as expensive as ferries. See the list of major destinations on our flights page. Ferries bring you from Athens to most of the Greek islands in a comfortable ambiance resembling a mini-cruise. It can take up to 10 hours to go to Santorini for example; meanwhile, super fast ferries take less than 6 hours. It takes around 6 hours to go to Mykonos, 5 hours to go to Paros not to mention all the other islands. Do not hesitate to ask us for further information regarding transportation in Greece.

My flight was cancelled, my ferry isn't running, what to do?

If your booking was made with our Greece Like a Local, you can call us anytime using on the 24/7 emergency phone number we provide our clients with. We’ll then negotiate your last minute hotels bookings and any other necessary arrangements to the best of our ability. That’s what we’re here for!

How to get to downtown Athens from the airport?

A taxi will cost you around 35-40 Euros to get downtown and generally takes about 1 hour as long as the infamous Athenian traffic is not congesting the roads. There are also several bus lines to and from the Airport which cost about 20 Euros and it will take at least 1 hour and fifteen minutes to get to Syntagma (city centre). The metro also goes to the airport and costs about 8 euros to go to the Monastiraki station, stopping at all the metro stops on the way, including Syntagma. We can also pre-arrange a private transfer for you from Athens airport. Our driver will come and pick you up upon your arrival with a sign with your name and help you with your luggage. You will then avoid the taxi queue, save time in case of a late arrival and get directly to your hotel.

How to get around within the Greek islands?

Renting a car in the Greek islands is usually pointless, except when travelling to bigger islands such as Rhodes, Corfu or Crete where there are longer distances to cover. Elsewhere (Mykonos, Santorini, Skiathos, Naxos, Paros…), you can use the local public transportation system, a fun and authentic option! Otherwise, you can also rent a quad bike (ATV) or a scooter; both great ways to discover the islands. You can even rent a bicycle if you are an athletic person seeing as many of the Greek islands are extremely hilly!

What are the conditions for renting a car in Greece?

- A credit card security deposit will always be required - Driving license issued at least 2 years prior to the rental - Minimum age for rental is 21

Can you arrange book our international flights for us?

As a local travel agency, we can unfortunately not take care of your flights to and from Greece for you. Thankfully, there are more than enough airlines offering flights to Greece. To make your travel planning easier, you’ll find a list of flights to Athens from a variety of major cities on our flights page. We also have lots of experience with booking domestic flights and would be delighted to assist you in that respect.