What kinds of accomodation do you offer?

Our local travel agency can book any kind of Greek accommodation for you. From small bed and breakfasts to 5 star palaces, we have something to offer every taste and budget. However, we choose to promote accommodation in small locally owned establishments rather than big chain hotels as we believe this is essential to having an authentic experience in any country you visit. You can also opt to rent a flat in a traditional village in the Cyclades or a villa on a pristine Cretan beach.

Do you have any good insider tips and scoops for us?

In your trip folder, you’ll find a list of restaurants and insider tips that will help you make the most of your trip. Our extensive travels throughout Greece have enabled us to put together these catalogues of the best things to see and do and the best places to eat and stay for the benefit of our customers. We have also been working with our local partners for many years and thanks to these warm relationships, the establishments you stay in are sure to welcome you like old friends!

Do you offer specific accommodation for families?

We have a selection of accommodations that specialize in family travel. They often have swimming pools, playgrounds and other activities for children. We also offer flats, houses and villas to rent for a charming family stay. Upon request we will book triple or quadruple hotel rooms for you.