Frequently Asked Questions

To help you plan your trip to Greece, here is a list of answers to the questions that our clients ask us the most. This list is obviously not exhaustive, nor does it include all of the questions you may come up with, but we’ve tried to answer most of them! As always, if you have any further questions, do no hesitate to let us know!

What is the best time of year to go to Greece?

One of the best things about Greece is that travel is great year round! When going to the islands, we would recommend coming in June or September. This will allow you to avoid the summer heat and swarms of tourists. No matter the time of year in which you plan to travel, we will find the ideal spot for you to match the season!

Should we come to Greece in the winter?

Nothing prevents you from coming in winter! As a matter of fact, Crete and Rhodes are at the same latitude as Tunisia! And life goes on on the islands outside of the summer months. Of course the accommodation options are a bit more limited, but ferries are still running and this is undoubtedly the best time of year for warm encounters and an authentic Greek experience!

Is it hard to find your way or communicate with Greeks?

No need to be fluent in Greek to travel there! Most Greeks speak English and you’ll be able to communicate effectively almost everywhere but especially in Athens, the Cyclades and Crete. If you’re driving, the road signs are translated into Latin characters. Language will not be an insurmountable barrier during your trip to Greece and you definitely won’t have to play charades to get your point across!

Mobile phone, internet?

Most hotels have internet and wireless access. Mobile phone coverage throughout most of Greek islands is excellent.

Any Greek festivals that should not be missed?

There are a number of national holidays in Greece, especially ones commemorating events during the long fight for independence and orthodox celebrations. Every village and every island has its own festival and most of them are really spectacular.
If there is one celebration not to be missed, however, it is definitely Easter, the most beautiful orthodox celebration. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Greek tradition and get a truly authentic feel for our culture. During Holy week, rituals and processions are constant and lamb on a stick is eaten in abundance.

What are the best regions for hiking in Greece?

Travelling in Greece isn’t just a succession of pristine beaches complemented by the Acropolis. Greece is also a great country for hiking. Bear in mind that the country is largely mountainous with the Pindus Mountains, Mount Athos, Mount Parnassus. Crete’s many canyons are also outstanding playgrounds for trekkers. Oh, and we forgot to mention Mount Olympus! From leisurely extended strolls to intense hiking and climbing, our offices are overflowing with ideas for spectacular walking tours of Greece!

Do you offer cruises through the Greek islands?

We tend to believe that cruises on gigantic ships are a rather impersonal and passive way to travel and stray away from these kinds of offers as a result. However, we delight in arranging cruises through the Ionian and Cyclades archipelagoes on traditional (and beautiful) Greek boats. You can either share a boat with other travellers and a skipper or have the boat to yourself with your own crew. You will then be master of your itinerary! Either way, however, you will be taking a real bite out of Greek culture.

Is it possible to hire a guide?

We work with recognized guides in Athens, Delphi, Olympus, Epidaurus and Mycenae. To visit these sites, you can hire a certified guide for the day through our travel agency. Rates may vary according to the season and the site but usually hover around 200€ for half a day.

What about SCUBA diving in Greece?

Until very recently, SCUBA diving was forbidden in Greece. The government wanted to protect the archeological heritage of the country. Nowadays, these laws are no longer in place and, while it is still forbidden to SCUBA dive around archeological sites, the other areas of Greece are not restricted anymore. We have many contacts in Greek SCUBA diving centers and would be glad to organize a SCUBA diving tour for you!