A local expertise

Our local experts have the unbeatable advantage of living in Greece year round. This allows us to cultivate a real local expertise, negotiate the best prices, share the latest and best services with you, and to constantly improve upon our offers to meet your specific needs. To summarize: travelling with a local Greek agency is like organizing your trip from Greece!

For our knowledge of the country

Greece is our country! We have visited the vast majority of the accommodations that we offer you. The trust and friendship we have forged over a long time with our Greek partners ensures the reliability of our services. We have a deep knowledge of the country gained by extensive travel to every one of its regions and through the feedback our clients leave us. All of this makes us the most capable of turning your dream holiday into a reality.

For our attractive prices

Being based in Greece makes us cheaper than a foreign travel agency. Our special relationships with hotels and other partners allow us to offer you the best prices. You’ll notice that the prices we offer are the same as if you were to contact the hotels directly!

For our availability

Once you arrive in Greece, you will be given a telephone number that you can reach 24 hours a day. If any unexpected problems come up or if you need some advice, we are always only a phone call away! You can also give this telephone number to your friends and family, and we will be able to get them in touch with you quickly.

For your ferry transfers

Everyone knows that in Greece, ferries are a complex affair: puzzling booking systems, unreliable times, a myriad of companies and crossings that are subject to the vagaries of the weather. Having an agency sort out reservations and deal with cancelled crossings can be a lifesaver…

For our exemplary reliability

We are a fully-qualified Greek travel agency and tour operator. In accordance with the laws governing our profession, we have professional third-party liability insurance. Thanks to our use of the Paybox device and the 3D secure system, our online payments are perfectly secure.

For our experience

Since we were founded in 2007, our agency has grown tremendously. This year alone, we have planned holidays for over 1000 clients. This experience has enabled us learn and improve upon our services, and anticipate problems in order to meet your expectations as fully as possible.