Why choose us

  • A local expertise

    Our local experts have the unbeatable advantage of living in Greece year round. This allows us to cultivate a real local expertise, negotiate the best prices, share the latest and best services with you, and to constantly improve upon our offers to meet your specific needs. To summarize: travelling with a local Greek agency is like organizing your trip from Greece! For our knowledge of the country Greece is our country! We have visited the vast majority of the accommodations that we offer you....
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  • 7/7 Assistance

    Greece Like A Local is no ordinary travel agency, we work alongside our customers to create their dream trip. One of our agency’s key words is "attentiveness" as we love to focus energy on opening up communication with our customers, who are so much more to us than just numbers on a page. At Greece Like A Local we do more than just organise trips, instead, we accompany you throughout your experience in Greece. For us, a satisfied customer means a successful trip. Be it before you set off on...
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  • Online payment

    A local agency will ensure that you travel to the heart of Greece and its traditions. But local travel agencies offering online payment are hard to find. To facilitate your trip, you can pay directly on our website, and what's more, all payments are secure! Meeting your travel needs and making your life easier is our top priority. What's the point of paying for your trip to Greece online? A trip is not just about the experience once you're there, it's also about the excitement of organising...
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