Guide to Amorgos

photo voyage amorgos

Visiting Amorgos

Amorgos’ capital of the same name, is a must. Clinging to the flanks of a cliff, this city is built around the ruins of an ancient Venetian castle. Walk around the maze of little streets and pause at the central square, the “Plateia Loza”. Take note: for accommodations all that are available here are guesthouses.
Meander through Katapola, especially the area around its harbour to feast on fresh caught fish. Don’t miss the impressive Byzantine monastery of Choziovotissa. Built in the ninth century, it looks as if could crumble at any second. A well kept hiking path starts in the village of Hora and goes along the top of cliffs. Not good if you’re afraid of heights, but the view over the turquoise sea is one of a kind.
Amorgos is certainly the best of the Cyclades for hiking. However, the paths are not always well marked so be careful and equip yourself appropriately. Treat yourself to a crystalline swim: all of Amorgos’ beaches are incredible. Some of our favourites are Agia Ana, Agios Paylos, and Kalotaritisa.
We also recommend you try the local cheese, the Xynomizthra. The use of a by car, scooter or quad bike is essential in order to see all that Amorgos has to offer.


Getting to Amorgos

There is no airport on Amorgos, the closest one is the airport of Naxos. From there, you can take a ferry to one of the island’s two ports: Katapola in the west or Aigialis in the east.