Ten cultural sites to see in Greece

We don’t have to tell you that Greece was one of the most important places in antiquity and that most of the travel to our country aims to explore its culture and history. But you’ll still be surprised by the sheer quantity and variety of archaeological sites to be admired in Greece. Here is a list of Greek cultural sites that are not to be missed:

The Peloponnese’s Most Beautiful Spots

Excursion to Olympia: the original site of the Olympic Games, diving into the city where the biggest worldwide athletic competition took root is well worth your time. In the centre of the Peloponnese, the surrounding region is also overflowing with cultural gems.
Mycenae: perched on a hill dominating Argolis, Mycenae is the birthplace of an illustrious civilisation. What do here: see the tombs, the Mycenaean Palace, the Lion Gate etc.
Epidaurus: a world renowned sanctuary, Epidaurus was dedicated to Asclepius, god of healing. Visit the most well preserved classical Greek theatre, the temple, and of course the museum for some context.

Other Cultural Treasures of Greece

The Acropolis: the Acropolis dominates the Greek capital of Athens from atop its hilltop. Go off to discover one of the world’s most recognized symbols of antiquity.
Visit Delphi: Delphi is the second most visited spot after the Acropolis. It was at the heart of Greek civilization for almost a thousand years. Plan an outing of almost an entire day to make sure you soak it all in. By car it will take you about two hours to get there.
Discover the Meteora monasteries: located in northern Greece, the monasteries of Meteora are a breathtaking oddity in the rocky landscape, perched atop natural sandstone rock pillars. Truly awe-inspiring…
– Dodona: Dodona, in northern Greece, is a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus whose theatre was a place where oracles were given in antiquity.

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