Flight booking

Best practice

Our local agency status allows us to operate at a national level, however, unfortunately we aren’t able to market international flights directly.
That being said, our years of experience in the sector have taught us the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of international travel. Accustomed to welcoming travellers from all over the world, we are always learning from their experiences and would love to share their tips and valuable advice with you.

Accompanying you on your international flight

Even though the local Greece Like A Local travel agency is not able to offer you an international flight booking service, it has chosen to become a member of the bynativ community. bynativ brings together local travel agencies and services around the world to help its customers organise their trips. And would you believe it, looking for international flights is one of the services they offer!
Thanks to its online integrated flight search engine, bynativ allows you to reach Athens in just a few clicks! Benefit from unique advantages, such as price transparency, lowest price guarantees, changeable, refundable and voidable tickets without special justification and secure payment in four instalments.
Want to check it out for yourself? Head to bynativ’s flight search engine.