This itinerary goes through the following steps:

Day 1 : Athens, Delphi
Day 2 : Preveza
Day 3 : Ioannina
Day 4 : Kalambaka
Day 5 : Veria
Day 6 : Portaria
Day 7 : Pelion
Day 8 : Athens

Mainland Greece in complete freedom

Discover the authentic side of Greece. This little-known region is often overlooked by many people that come to visit Greece. While people do visit Delphi and Meteora, the region has a lot more to offer. You are sure to see picturesque landscapes, snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear inlets. You will travel through places steeped in history and age-old villages located off the beaten track. This tour to Central Greece is just one possible itinerary that can be tailor-made and extended to fit your desires.

Visited destinations in Greece: Greek mainland  | Athens | Meteora | Delphi

N.B : Contact our greek specialists so they can customize this itinerary and adapt it to your needs and wishes. 

As local specialists, our goal is to offer you the best possible travel experience in Greece. Of course, this experience depends on the quality of your accomodations. That's why we shortlisted a few places, charming hotels as well as 3* hotels, based on their location, comfort and services.

Of course, if you have any specific need or desire, don't hesitate to share them with the local specialists. They will adapt their recommandations for you!

This travel is available from 400 € per traveler.

- From 400 to 530 euros for ***
- From 450 to 590 euros in a guest houses or a charming local hotels

The final price is set according to the number of people, the season and the vehicle category

What's Included

- 8-day hire of a category A car (including VAT, unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance, drop-off and pick-up)
- 7 nights in bedroom and breakfast

What's not Included

- International flights
- All meals, except breakfast
- Drinks, tips and extras
- Tours and activities
- Optional travel insurance

Day by Day

Day 1: Athens-Delphi

220 km. 3 hours
After the hustle and bustle of built-up areas and motorways you will see a more traditional side of Greece. You might want to consider taking the direct road rather than the motorway. After Thebes, whose rich past can still be glimpsed at, the road works its way in through the mountains from one valley to another, passing the foot of Mount Parnassus. Make a detour and visit the Hosios Loukas Monastery in the heart of the Phocis mountains. A monastic gem from Byzantine Greece.
Visit the Delphi site during the afternoon. It is at the heart of Greek civilisation. It was the centre of the world during almost one thousand years. People came from far and wide to consult the oracle and make offerings. It will take you over 3 hours to explore the site on the slope of the mountain and visit the museum. You could also visit the site the following morning.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Delphi.

Day 2: Delphi – Preveza

250 km. 4 hours
Head for the road that runs alongside the Gulf of Corinth. On your way, why not stop off at Galaxidi, a charming little harbour nestled in the Gulf. The road works its way between mountains and sea all the way to Naupactus. There is a nice fantastic walk to be had around the Byzantine citadel. It is also the site where the renowned battle of Lepante was played out between the Holy League and the Ottoman fleet, resulting in Cervantes losing his arm.
After Naupactus, admire the impressive bridge taking you across the Isthmus of Corinth. Arrive in Preveza at the beginning of the afternoon. This seaside town is located at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. Explore the Nicopolis site. The remnants of this Roman city that later became Byzantine spread far and wide. Nicopolis was founded by Octavian following his victory over Antony at the Battle of Actium.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Preveza.

Day 3: Preveza - Ioannina

150 km. 2 hours
If you are there at the right time of year, go and enjoy the beach before heading north, back up the Louros valley. On your way, visit Dodona, the oldest sanctuary in Greece. Pilgrims would come from far and wide to consult the oracle of Zeus and hear about their futures through the rustling leaves of an oak tree. The theatre of Dodona with its 2,000 seats and the beautiful natural setting make this little-visited site well worth seeing.
You will arrive in Ioannina, the capital of the Epirus region, during the afternoon. You will have time to visit the city and fortress. This city's beautiful architecture testifies to its historic Ottoman and Jewish past.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Ioannina.

Day 4: Ioannina - Kalambaka

120 km. 1 hour 30 minutes
You will cross the Epirus mountains. Why not get off early and take the main road that winds between valleys and woodland.
You will eventually arrive at Kalambaka, the village at the foot of Meteora’s monasteries. It is definitely one of the most majestic sites in Greece. Built on top of rocky peaks, these monasteries defy the laws of gravity and boggle the mind. Set aside an afternoon, or more, to explore several of them.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Kalambaka.

Day 5: Kalambaka - Veria

180 km. 2 hours 30 minutes
Take a beautiful mountain road and then a motorway to arrive in Macedonia. Before you reach Veria it is worth going to see the royal burial site at Vergina, including the spectacular tomb of Philip II of Macedon, finally discovered in 1977.
Arrive in Veria sometime during the afternoon. In the Middle Ages some referred to Veria as “Little Jerusalem”, on account of its 72 churches. Ten or so of the churches are still standing, so why not explore the city centre.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Veria.

Day 6: Veria – Volos - Portaria

200 km. 2 hours 30 minutes
Take the motorway down to Volos. Midway you will pass alongside Mount Olympus, which at 2,917 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in Greece. In Greek mythology the mountain was regarded as the home of the gods. If you enjoy hiking, you can walk at least part of the ascent by taking the road at Litochoro. Only the last 500 meters pose technical problems.
After Volos, the large harbour located at the foot of Mount Pelion, continue your journey towards Portaria, a quaint little village tucked away in the wooded hills.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Portaria.

Day 7: Pelion

200 km. 4 hours
Day devoted to exploring Pelion, the mountainous peninsula that forms the Gulf of Volos, with its small fishing harbours, white villages clinging to the mountains, crystal-clear inlets and magnificent beaches. Make a long stop in Pellies, the "capital" and most picturesque village on the peninsula.
Return to Portaria at the end of the day. In the evening, you could go down into nearby Volos and soak up the atmosphere along the seafront.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Portaria.

Day 8: Portaria – Volos - Athens

130 km. 2 hours 
Stop off at the Thermopylae before heading back to Athens. Little remains of this heroic battle. It is hard to distinguish legend from historical fact. You must stop and pay tribute to Leonidas I, who championed democracy 2,500 years ago!
Return your vehicle to the airport.

Highlights of this travel in Greece:

- This travel is available all-year-round
-  A 7/7 assistance during your trip
- Renting a car in Greece is the best way to visit the country at your own rythm.

Our advices for this travel in Greece:

- You are travelling during summer? Bring your swimsuit and sunscreen in your luggage! If you feel like hiking the Mount Olympus: chose the appropriate shoes.
- Here is our selection of beaches for this trips. Between Delphi and Dodona: enjoy the sun at Eratini and Sergoula. During your 2rd day: go to the Prevaza coast to jump into the sea!

Have a nice trip!