This itinerary goes through the following steps:

Day 1 & 2 : Galaxidi
Day 3 : Olympia
Day 4 : The Mani peninsula
Day 5 : Monemvasia
Day 6 & 7 : Nafplion
Day 8 : Last day

Discover Greece the traditional way!

With archaeological sites in mythical cities, you will travel back through 4,000 years of history. Every stop will give your imagination a chance to run wild. But there are also the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes: olive groves, quaint beaches nestled in inlets and villages clinging to mountains everywhere you look. This trip is just one possible itinerary that can be modified and extended as you wish. A wide selection of accommodation. Stay with local people or in large hotels. You choose. You can tailor your holiday to your budget.

Visited destinations in Greece: Greek mainland | Peloponnese | Athens | Delphi | Mani Peninsula | Monemvasia

N.B : Contact our greek specialists so they can customize this itinerary and adapt it to your needs and wishes. 

Your local specialists shortlisted some hotels for your travel in Greece. Their selection is based  on the hotel location, confort and services.

Of course, if you have any specific need or desire, let them know so they can adapt their recommandation.


This travel is available from 420 € per traveler.

- From 420 to 560 euros for ***
- From 490 to 600 euros for charming hotels

The final price is set according to the number of people, the season and the vehicle category

What's Included

- 8-day hire of a category A car (including VAT, unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance, drop-off and pick-up)
- 7 nights in bedroom and breakfast

What's not Included

- All meals, except breakfast
- Drinks
- Tips and extras
- Tours and activities

Day by Day

Day 1: Athens – Delphi – Galaxidi

220 km. 4 hours 
After the hustle and bustle of built-up areas and motorways you will see a more traditional side of Greece. After Thebes, whose rich past can still be glimpsed at, the road works its way in through the mountains from one valley to another, passing the foot of Mount Parnassus. Make a detour and visit the Hosios Loukas Monastery in the heart of the Phocis mountains. A monastic gem from Byzantine Greece. Overnight stay in Galaxidi, a charming small harbour in the Gulf of Corinth. Traditional urban aspects of the city can still be seen today and small hotels offer guests a pleasant stay in this small seaside town.

Day 2: Galaxidi – Delphi – Galaxidi

60 km. 1 hour 30 minutes
Day dedicated to visiting Delphi. You will travel through olive groves stretching away endlessly into the distance across the entire Itea plane. The Delphi site is at the heart of Greek civilisation. It was the centre of the world during almost one thousand years. People came from far and wide to consult the oracle and make offerings. It will take you over 3 hours to explore the site on the slope of the mountain and visit the museum. Travel back to Galaxidi sometime during the afternoon. You should have time to relax by one of the small inlets near the town.

Day 3: Galaxidi – Olympia

250 km. 5 hours
Leave Galaxidi early and take the mountain roads towards Nafpaktos. The breathtaking panoramas of the Gulf of Corinth and small mountain villages will soon have you forgetting about the length of the journey and winding roads. Before reaching Patra, admire the impressive bridge taking you across the Isthmus of Corinth. Arrive in Olympia at the beginning of the afternoon. Visit the site and the museum. You are bound to enjoy walking around the shaded ruins; just imagine what the ancient games were like.
Overnight stay in a charming modern city next to the ancient site.

Day 4: Olympia – The Mani Peninsula

220 km. 5 hours
If you do not want to spend the day driving take the coast road towards Kalamata. Even though it is a quicker route, it is less scenic. Make a detour via Messene to see the impressive fortifications protecting this ancient city. Or else you could take the beautiful road that cuts through mainland Peloponnese and enjoy the greener, afforested landscapes. You could also stop at Karytaina, a former Crusader fortress. The landscape of the Mani Peninsula is different. You will travel through an arid, dry region where the mountains drop spectacularly into the sea. Tower houses are the remains of a turbulent past. The road ascends to the plateau, winds through the valleys and runs along the coast. The climb is slow but the views are breathtaking.
Overnight stay in Itylo, a small fishing harbour near Areopoli.

Day 5: The Mani Peninsula – Monemvassia

110 km. 2 hours
A beautiful coast road will take you along the Gulf of Laconia. You will cut through huge olive groves and orchards, coming across many inlets, where you can take the time and enjoy the water before arriving at Monemvassia. Have lunch in one of the several restaurants located in the harbour, before continuing on to Monemvassia. The medieval city is located on a dramatic peninsula facing the sea. It is protected by a network of fortifications. You must venture up to the medieval town at the top of the headland if you are to take in the impressive view looking down onto the labyrinth of streets below.
Overnight stay in the medieval city or in a hotel near the harbour.

Day 6: Monemvassia – Mystras – Nauplion

220 km. 4 hours
You will cut through olive groves before venturing deeper into the Peloponnese peninsula. You will pass Sparta, where little remains of its prestigious past, before arriving at Mystras. Explore the town built by William II of Villehardouin, which thrived under the Byzantines. Nowadays the town is deserted, but you will take great pleasure in roaming the labyrinth of streets and looking round the numerous churches. Travel on towards Nauplion during the afternoon. The road winds its way round mountains and passes, where you can discover the jagged coastline of the Gulf of Argolis.
Arrive in Nauplion at the end of the day.
Overnight stay in a hotel

Day 7: Epidaurus – Nauplion

60 km. 1 hour
A short journey to Epidaurus. You will marvel at the largest and most impressive ancient theatre, where events are still held during the summer months. The sheer size of the theatre demonstrates the importance of the sanctuary of Asclepius, the god of medicine.
Be sure to visit Palea Epidaurus where you can enjoy fresh fish for lunch looking out over the sea. Upon your return to Nauplion during the afternoon, you can climb the 900 steps leading to the imposing Venetian fortress that towers above the town. In the evening, why not soak up the atmosphere in the town centre and bars along the seafront.
Overnight stay in the same hotel.

Day 8: Nauplion – Mycenae – Athens

130 km. 2hours
Before returning to Athens, stop off at Mycenae.
While it is difficult to distinguish myth from historical fact at Mycenae, you can still walk in the footsteps of Homer’s heroes. The 3000-year-old citadel, surrounded by outer walls, is sure to impress you the most. It is one of the most magnificent archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. On the way to Athens be sure to stop at the Corinth Canal, a dramatic stretch of water that cuts through the rock.
Return your vehicle to the airport.

Highlights of the travel in Greece:

- The opportunity to enjoy both natural and cultural aspects of Greece
- This trip is available all-year-round
- Renting a car in Greece is the best way to visit the country at your own rythm.
A 7/7 assistance during your trip

Our advices for this travel in Greece:

- When it comes to visiting Karytaina, don't miss the amazing church Hagios Nocolaos.
- In Monemvasia, you are not allowed to access the old part of the town with your car! Enjoy a walk in the charming street and taste the local specialities.
- Nafplion is know as the city of love in Greece. Talk a walk along the harbour, admire the traditional houses, shop at Staikopoulo street... Hungry? Avoid the tourist areas and find more authentic restaurants a few blocks away.
- Athens is a very interesting city in terms of dynamism and culture. If it's possible for you, stay an additional day and discover the secrets of this city or take a bus to the Cape Sounion and the Poseidon temple.
- Are you travelling during summer? Bring your swimsuit and sunscreen in your luggage!