This itinerary goes through the following steps:

Day 1 : Thessaloniki
Day 2 : Veria
Day 3 : Kastoria
Day 4 : Laimos
Day 5 : Giannitsa
Day 6 & 7 : Kavala
Day 8 : Last day

The greek Macedonia: to get off the beaten track

Here is an original journey through a different part of Greece...Northern Greece offers some spectacular landscapes for those that only know the Greek islands or the barren landscapes of Crete. Northern Greece remains lush and fresh even during the summer months and it boasts a particularly rich cultural heritage covering the classical Greece, Byzantine and Ottoman periods. The best thing about travelling in northern Greece is that tourism has not yet taken over. This greek trip is just one possible itinerary that can be tailor-made to your needs and desires. This trip is available all-year-round but the winters are particularly harsh. Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons to explore this region of Greece.

Visited destinations in Greece: Greek mainland 

N.B : Contact our greek specialists so they can customize this itinerary and adapt it to your needs and wishes. 

For your travel in northern Greece, our local specialists shortlisted some accomodation that are good options because of their location, services, comfort...
As they know you are looking for authenticity, they give you the possibility to stay in independant housing so you can spend a moment in a local family.

Of course, if you have any specific need or desire, don't hesitate to share them with the local specialists. They will adapt their recommandations for you!

This travel is available from 400 € per traveler.

- From 400 to 600 euros for ***
- From 500 to 700 euros in a guest houses or a charming local hotels

The final price is set according to the number of people, the season and the vehicle category

What's Included

- 8-day hire of a category A car (including VAT, unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance, drop-off and pick-up)
- 7 nights in bedroom and breakfast

What's not Included

- All meals, except breakfast
- Drinks
- Tips and extras
- Tours and activities

Day by Day

Day 1: Thessaloniki

Arrive at the airport and pick up your car.
The second-largest city in Greece is where the East meets the West. There is a real melting pot of influences and the remnants there are brimming with 2,500 years of history. This city’s strong identity and vibrant character is very appealing.
The archaeological museum in Thessaloniki is one of the most important in Greece. It houses a large number of collections from archaeological sites in Macedonia. It was completely renovated in 2002.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Thessaloniki.

Day 2: Thessaloniki – Veria

50 km. 1 hour
You will venture across the spectacular Thessaloniki plain to arrive at Veria, located at the foot of the Macedonian hills.
Before you reach Veria it is worth going to see the royal burial site at Vergina, including the impressive tomb of Philip II of Macedon, finally discovered in 1977.
Arrive in Veria sometime during the afternoon. In the Middle Ages some referred to Veria as “Little Jerusalem”, on account of its 72 churches. Ten or so of the churches are still standing, so why not explore the city centre.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Veria.

Day 3: Veria – Kastoria

110 km. 2 hours
You will travel through Macedonia to reach Kastoria. An ancient Byzantine city whose economy is dominated by the trade in fur. They say that there are over 60 churches in Kastoria. You will certainly not have time to visit all of them, but several really are worth visiting, especially Panagia Koumbelidiki for its thirteenth century frescos.
You will also enjoy walking round the ancient city which boasts Ottoman architecture typical of Macedonia and the Balkans. There is also a charming, shaded walk around the headland overlooking the city.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Kastoria.

Day 4: Kastoria – Prespa lakes

60 km. 1 hour
A day dedicated to exploring one of the wildest regions in Greece. The Prespa lakes, which border with Albania and FYROM, are a dazzling showcase of nature’s beauty. The lakes stand at 800 meters above sea level and are surrounded by mountains reaching over 2300 meters. It is a protected area with plenty of walks. It is a unique region where hundreds of wild animals and birds can be seen living in their natural habitat.
It is also worth visiting the most beautiful village in the region, Agios Germanos, where traditional houses can still be seen today. Sample some delicious fresh trout in a restaurant by the lake.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Lemos.

Day 5: Lake Prespa – Edessa – Pella

160 km. 2 hours 30 minutes
You will head east to visit Edessa and Pella, two iconic Macedonian cities.
Edessa is an ancient fortified town located on a high plateau overlooking the plane. It is also well known for the waterfalls and streams that run through it, making this area a great place to walk.
Little remains of Pella, the old capital of Alexander the Great’s ancient kingdom of Macedonia. But it is still worth spending some time there to explore the birthplace of one of the most powerful men to have ever lived. The archaeological museum of Pella houses some impressive mosaics and intriguing statues.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Giannitsa.

Day 6: Giannitsa – Philippi - Kavala

220 km. 3 hours
Take to the motorways and skirt around the north of Thessaloniki to speed up your journey to Kavala.
Before arriving in Kavala, you really should go and see the ancient site at Philippi. Philippi is one of the most impressive ancient sites in Greece and marks the place of the famous battle that put an end to the Roman Republic. The excavations carried out on the site revealed an impressive city of the eastern Roman Empire.
Arrive in Kavala sometime during the afternoon.
Why not relax on one of the beaches near Kavala before going back to your hotel for the evening.

Day 7: Kavala

It is worth spending the whole day exploring Kavala. Climb up to the impressive Byzantine citadel and take in the views looking down onto the harbour. Explore the ancient Ottoman city and visit the archaeological museum.
An extremely lively nightlife is on offer in Kavala which includes walks and café terraces along the seafront where you will find some lovely places to eat.
Overnight stay at a hotel in Kavala.

Day 8: Kavala – Thessaloniki

170 km. 2 hours 30 minutes
Make your way back to Thessaloniki and return your vehicle to the airport. If you have time why not make the most of exploring Chalkidiki, a peninsula in the Aegean Sea that ends in three smaller peninsulas, one of which featuring the Mount Athos monasteries. With its quiet, magnificent beaches, Chalkidiki will also appeal to beach lovers.

Highlights of this travel in Greece:

- Discovering another side of Greece, relatively unknown by tourists
-  A 7/7 assistance during your trip
- Renting a car in Greece is the best way to visit the country at your own rythm.

Our advices for this travel in Greece:

- This travel is available all-year-round but keep in mind that winter can be harsh in northern Greece.
- You have more time in Greece? We recommend you to go to the Halkidiki peninsula: the perfect place to enjoy amazing beaches and dive into greek history and culture. Another option: the Mount Athos with its 20 monasteries built on the hillside. But you should be aware that women are not allowed in this region and men have to pay a diamonitirion to access the area (around 35€).
- You are travelling during summer? Bring your swimsuit and sunscreen in your luggage!
- When it comes to the visit of the Philippi archaeological site, we advise a good sun protection. Here, there is little shadow outline and very hot weather.

Have a nice trip!