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The most beautiful islands of the Cyclades


A trip to the Cyclades takes you on a voyage of discovery to islands with heavenly beaches and magnificent landscapes. The archipelago is made up of 250 islands. Beyond their architectural and cultural unity (you will find the beautiful white houses typical of this part of the Mediterranean everywhere), each of these islands has its own peculiarities and charms.

The volcanic island of Santorini

All honor to all! Santorini is the most famous and visited island of the Cyclades. It’s got it all: sublime volcanic sand beaches, breathtaking scenery and fascinating museums. Lovers of ancient history will enjoy a visit to the site of Akrotiri, which was frozen by the eruption of the volcano around 1,600 BC.
Santorini’s caldera remains the must-see site on the island. It was created by the collapse of the volcano’s crater. The walk along the edge of the caldera, between the towns of Fira and Oia, is truly magnificent!



Serifos, closest to Athens

Located not far from Athens and therefore easily accessible by boat, Serifos is a regular feature on Cyclades tours. Despite its location, it is one of the wildest islands in the archipelago. So you can bask in peace and quiet on one of its 72 beaches and coves.
The island also boasts other wonders, such as the magnificent Chora. Its mills and magnificent Venetian castle are also well worth a visit.

Serifnos beach


Delos, the island of Apollo

Are you a lover of ancient mythology? Your trip to the Greek islands of the Cyclades can’t be complete without a visit to Delos! The birthplace of the twins Apollo and Artemis, Delos is steeped in ancient mysticism.
The island, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is now uninhabited. It is home to one of the world’s most important and remarkable archaeological sites: the Sanctuary of Apollo, where the famous Pythia revealed the future.



Mykonos, festive and pleasant

Mykonos is known for its warm hospitality, vibrant nightlife and unique blend of traditional Greek charm and cosmopolitan ambience.
But Mykonos has much more to offer, including majestic scenery. Its beaches are magnificent, and a stroll through its capital, Chora, is a real treat. You can also visit some ancient ruins and especially the famous 16th century windmills.



Island of the Big Blue: Amorgos

The extraordinary charm of Amorgos’ landscapes made it the setting for Luc Besson’s iconic film, The Big Blue. The island’s rugged, rocky terrain is a sight to behold. Its beaches are magnificent and still wild.
Amorgos, the easternmost island of the archipelago, also allows you to discover the Cyclades in all its authenticity. It’s also full of architectural treasures, such as the famous Panagia Chozoviotissa Monastery. Carved into the cliff face in the 11th century, this exceptional monument is a must see on any trip to the Cyclades.



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Naxos, the largest

Naxos is the largest of the Cycladic islands. It is characterized by the beauty of its fine sandy beaches and its romanticism. Its sunsets are an unforgettable spectacle.
The island of Naxos also offers the opportunity for a beautiful hike to the summit of Mount Zeus.



The secret island of Folegrandos

Almost uninhabited (it has about 600 inhabitants in 32 km2), Folégandos is rarely visited by travelers. The island is ideal if you’re looking for a nature destination. Mountainous and wild, it’s the perfect place to get away from it all. And its idyllic beaches won’t let you down!



Paros, the island of Cyclades in a nutshell

Paros the Beautiful has everything you could wish for in a vacation. It combines festivity, authenticity and heavenly beaches.
Stroll around Paros at sunset: the atmosphere is warm and festive. There’s music at every corner! During the day, you’ll discover a whole new world: timeless villages in the hinterland, secret coves and magnificent monasteries hidden deep in the garrigue!


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Milos, quiet and surprising

Some of the 70 beaches of Milos are accessible only by boat and are therefore rarely visited. Here you can spend a few moments of pure idleness, far from the world, in front of a calm, sensual sea.
To discover a unique place in the world, go to the beach of Srakiniko. Its white, moon-like rocks create a strange harmony with the blue of the Aegean Sea.
Milos is also a haven for Milos seals, which are easy to spot.



The gastronomic island of Sifnos

Finally, how can you travel to the Cyclades without tasting the delicious local cuisine? Sifnos is the culinary capital of the archipelago.
Enjoy kaparosalata, revithokeftedes and of course the traditional moussaka or stuffed vine leaves.
The island also boasts many beautiful hiking trails and pleasant beaches.



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