How long should I stay in Greece?

A week in Greece


A Week in the Cyclades

This archipelago of 56 islands scattered in the heart of the Aegean island provides enough distractions for an entire week. Good liaisons between the islands are maintained by a constants ferry service. Start in the north with Mykonos and make your way south through Naxos and Paros, finishing with Santorini. These four islands will give you a fairly comprehensive feel for the marvels of the Cyclades. In Mykonos, visit the capital and stroll along its narrow roads to discover its picturesque windmills. In Paros, don’t miss the capital Parikia and its Ekatontopolani church. You should also visit the village of Naoussa, a typical fishing village. From here take a ferry to Naxos. Pause in Hora to admire its Portara and the Kastro, the ancient Venetian castle before going off to discover the Kouras. Then, spend two days in Santorini exploring this scorched volcanic island. Visit the caldera and the little villages perched on the mountainside.


7 Days in Crete

A self drive tour through Crete starting at Heraklion is probably the best option for your discovery of the island and will allow you to see all of its must see sites. Start with Heraklion as it is the easiest of access (by boat and plane). Then visit the ancient site of Knossos before lounging the coast to the east to get to Elounda and Agios Nikolaos and their superb landscapes. Don’t miss out on Phaestos and the ruins of its Minoan palace. Continue along the coast to the west on an excursion to the Samaria Gorges. Drive back up to Chania and then Rethymon. Don’t hesitate to consult us to enquire about a tailor made trip to Crete.


A two week long trip to Greece

When travelling to Greece, two weeks are never too much. The country offers an enormous amount of travel possibilities whether you decide to see mainland Greece and the Peloponnesian peninsula, the Cyclades or Crete. We are here to offer advice and assistance to make your two week long tailor made trip a truly unforgettable one.


2 Weeks in the Cyclades

If you decide to spend two weeks in the Cyclades, you’ll have enough time to see several of the archipelago’s islands. You can start with a fairly typical itinerary for your first week: begin in Mykonos, the most visited of the islands. One day here will be enough to capture the essence of the island. Continue on to Paros and Antipas for the next two days before heading to Naxos to visit its lush and enchanting vegetation. Then travel to Ios and Santorini for three days. For the second half of your trip head back north from Santorini towards Folegandros. Soak in this magical place and its volcanic landscapes and mountain villages. You can easily keep on exploring and visit the nearby islands of Sifnos and Serifos.


2 Weeks in Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece offers a multitude of itinerary possibilities. Stopping by Athens is essential, because of its international airport, but also because it is home to the Acropolis, the Agora and a number of beautiful museums. Then head to Delphi, Greece’s second most visited site after the Acropolis, a three hour drive away. From this city, keep going towards mount Olympus where you have the option of going on a mythical hike (literally)! For your second week choose from two appealing alternatives: penetrating further into northern Greece, or heading to Peloponnesian peninsula. In northern Greece, you’ll see Meteora and its perched cliff top monasteries, the Epirus region with its Pindus mountain range, and have, all in all a rather athletic and nature focused itinerary. If you opt for the Peloponnese, stop at Corinth then Nafplio, and finally Mycenae and Epidaurus. If you still have time, discover Olympia the site of the first Olympic Games, and go as far as Mystras, a bit further south.