A travel agency by your side

Beyond providing a simple travel itinerary service, Greece Like A Local is also a local agency hoping to meet your travel needs via unique experiences and discoveries. That’s why we specialise in tailor-made trips, so that we can create personalised itineraries that meet your expectations. Everyone can find something for them, whether it’s an adventure trip, relaxing on the Greek islands or focusing on cultural discovery in mainland Greece. Thanks to our adaptable travel advisors, we offer customers the opportunity to take out travel insurance in case any mishaps occur on their Greece Like A Local ​​trip.

Travel insurance for a peaceful trip

We are committed to ensuring your well-being and peace of mind throughout your trip. Although we don’t provide travel insurance directly, we have a partnership with Assurinco, one of Europe’s leading insurance companies. Our contracts with Assurinco are in accordance with our own general conditions of sale, certifying the reliability of our agreements. In order to simplify the process for our customers, all you need is a single subscription for all travellers to be insured. Greece Like A Local’s philosophy is all about ensuring that you are truly able to make the most of a well-planned trip to Greece, in all simplicity.

Do  you need additional insurance?

Do you know exactly what type of insurance your credit card includes? At Greece Like A Local, we are committed to accompanying you throughout your trip, from the creation of your itinerary to your return journey home. That’s why we offer free credit card checks online.
Depending on the result, you can opt to sign up to our complementary insurance in the certainty that it will covers all eventualities!

How do I subscribe to insurance and is it compulsory?

Taking out an insurance policy is by no means compulsory and depends entirely on you. We do however like to remind our customers of the old saying: “prevention is better than cure.”
Once you’ve made a decision, it’s very simple. Simply go to your Customer Area, which can be found at the top of the website on the right, or in the bottom left-hand corner of the “Other” column. When you sign up to access your Customer Area, you will be asked for some additional information. To activate your Customer Area, all fields must be completed. The last question in the sign-up process concerns travel insurance. At this point, you just need to select the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ box depending on the decision you’ve made.

If you decide to tick the ‘yes’ box, your insurance will then take into account each of the trip’s participants.

If you choose not to take out insurance when signing up, a message will appear offering you a credit card check. Fill in your bank card details in order to find out more about your coverage levels in case of loss, theft, repatriation or medical expenses.
In order to make an informed choice, make sure to take a look at the insurance conditions.
There’s nothing left to do except wish you a good trip!