This itinerary goes through the following steps:

Day 1 : Athens
Day 2 & 3 : Andros
Day 4 - 6 : Tinos
Day 7 : Athens
Day 8 : End of the trip

Sunbathing and hiking in the greek island: the perfect combination

Go hiking on Andros and Tinos, two islands in the Cyclades with a lot of character. Neither of them are very touristy and they have been blessed by the gods with springs and constant little streams of water. Man has made the most of the situation, protecting himself from the powerful northern wind, Meltem, by erecting low dry-stone walls which make up a remarkable network of paths that take you from a spring to a windmill, from a village to an isolated monastery or to a secluded beach. You will hike for between three and six hours per day along well-marked paths.

Visited destinations in Greece: Cyclades 

N.B : Contact our greek specialists so they can customize this itinerary and adapt it to your needs and wishes. 


Traveling in Greece is about authenticity and charm. When it comes to spending the night in Greece, our local specialists are aware of this priority. Therefore, they selected accomodations based on their quality, service, location. They favour small and independant housings.

Of course, "tailor-made travels" means you can share any special needs and requests with our local specialist so he can adapt his suggestions to your wishes.

Here is the list of hotels for your travel in Greece :

- Athens : Hotel in the city center
- Andros : Hotel in Chora
- Tinos : Hotel in Chora

Estimated price per person, based on a 2-person trip: 1000 euros

- For extra bedroom: 165 euros
Fixed price according to the number of people, the season and the vehicle category

What's included

- All meals except for lunch on Day 1 and dinner on Day 1, Day 7 and Day 8.
- Transfers and all transport.
- English-speaking guide.

What's not included

- Your international flights
- Drinks, tips and extras
- Entrance fees to museums and to other sites not included on the itinerary.

Day by Day

Day 1: Athens

You will arrive in Athens and spend your first night in the capital. Free time, depending on your time of arrival.Meet at the hotel in the city centre.

Day 2: Athens – Andros.

You will leave for Andros by ferry (2-hour crossing). In order to make the most out of your day, you will leave early for the harbour of Rafina, which is where the ferry leaves for Andros. When you arrive in Gavrio, the island’s largest harbour, you will take the bus to Xora. You will check in to a small hotel or guest house. You will have a bit of relaxation time and then you will set off on a short hike. Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. You will return to the hotel in Xora before having dinner nearby.

Day 3: Hiking in Andros

You will take a short bus journey and then go for a beautiful walk to a monastery clinging to the hillside. With its age-old fortifications, it overlooks the surrounding villages and terrace cultivation. You will cross several small valleys before reaching the summit. Although walking towards a sacred place may seem like a pilgrimage, you will really appreciate the coolness of the shade, streams filled with water, even during the summer months, stone bridges and chapels. All of this is steeped in legend: sometimes religious, sometimes totally pagan. While the chances of you seeing some extremely varied flora depend on the season, the chances of running into villagers and farmers are more likely to depend on the time of day: the all important siesta or evening activities! You will return to the hotel in Xora before having dinner nearby.

Day 4: Andros - Tinos

Ferry times vary depending on the season. You will go on a 2-3 hour hike either on Andros or on Tinos, a neighbouring island. The crossing between islands will take around 1 hour 30 minutes depending on the boat journey. These are the two most lush and green islands but also feature amongst the biggest in the Cyclades. They are very close to each other, separated by a narrow channel which is feared by fishing caïques for it is where the sea winds rush. Walking along the coast of one and then the next will help you get to grips with the character of these large islands. In Xora, the name given to each main harbour, you will sample gastronomic delights, no matter when you arrive. Places of worship are so important in Tinos’ Xora that sometimes it is compared to Lourdes, its magnificent church being particularly noteworthy. Overnight stay at a hotel in Xora of Tinos.

Day 5: Hiking in Tinos

In the morning you will travel to one of the villages nestled between meadows and hills which will be the starting point for the daytime hike. You will have a picnic in the shade of a magnificent plane tree which also gives shelter to a stream. Between 4 and 6 hours walking. When you reach Volax and Agapi, you can wander through the narrow streets, meet villagers on a café terrace or at the little craft stalls. From the summit of Exobourgo, at the foot of which stands the Ursulines Monastery, you will enjoy an unrestricted 360° view over the Aegean Sea. This route offers wonderful walks through the mountain where geology is plain to see. It also cuts through many pigeon houses - towers which hark back to the use of carrier pigeons up to the end of the twentieth century. When you come back to Xora you will have free time to go walking and swimming. Overnight stay at a hotel in Xora of Tinos.

Day 6: Hiking in Tinos

In this hiking agenda: Hills and shady path along a stream heading to the sea. You will come across more pigeon houses and windmills and basins of clear water will punctuate your descent to a secluded beach. 4 to 5 hours walking. Towards the end of the afternoon, you will walk part of the way first of all, then take a bus and afterwards have dinner at the harbour. Overnight stay at a hotel in Xora of Tinos.

Day 7: Return to Athens

You will take a ferry back to Athens in the morning. Check in to hotel. Free time for the rest of the day to explore the capital.

Day 8: Takeoff

Transfer to the airport for your return flight.

Highlights of the travel in Greece:

- The opportunity to enjoy both sunbathing and hiking
- Guaranteed departures 5, 26 July and 26 October.
- You travel in a small group: six to fifteen people.
A 7/7 assistance during your trip

Our advices for this travel in Greece:

- On the one hand, obviously hiking in Greece requests to bring appropriate material: it's time to use your best shoes! On the other hand, you'll need your sunscreen, swimsuit and a hat to enjoy sunbathing in the perfect conditions!
- When it comes to visiting Andros and Tinos, don't hesitate to enter in the artisanal boutiques and to taste local specialties in the restaurants.
- Do you like beer? Don't miss the Cyclades beer "Nissos".

Have an amazing experience in Greece!