What I do at Greece Like A Local: Operations and Reservations Specialist

How long I have worked here: 2 years

Why Greece? I am passionate about mythology and Greece is the land of the gods… so I find it an endless source of inspiration for my passions! Do I also love Greece because I’m Greek? More specifically, it’s because Greece offers innumerable experiences… there is always more to explore, to discover, to see, to taste… It would take more than a lifetime to do everything! I also appreciate Greece’s climate. It’s always mild and the sun is never far away: it’s a bit like being on holiday, except that we get to enjoy it all year round (you can swim until November in some parts of Greece!).
After having travelled around a little, I can honestly say that I have not found another destination that matches it. The hospitality of the Greeks, the culture, the food, the beaches, the diversity of the islands and the millenary heritage are just incomparable… but perhaps I am not the most objective person to come to this conclusion!

I absolutely love : to go on a cruise in the Aegean Sea from time to time, aboard a traditional sailboat… it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure but it’s a great way to have fun!

A place to escape to? I particularly like Santorini! Admittedly, it’s a really popular destination but worth the trip! I had the opportunity to dine by candlelight on a terrace overlooking the caldera… a magical memory!

Your trip to Greece? For both some contrast and a bit of peace and quiet all in one trip, I’d recommend the serenity of Paros and the effervescence of Mykonos: From the quietness of Paros to the dynamism of Mykonos.